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Christmas Gathering with your pet kidz

December 14, 2013

Our schedule is a bit different today… Things are happening out of the ordinary… my pet parent is fiddling around in the food room… They seem a bit anxious and nervous… Something sure smells great, I will check this out … MMM… I think I will do an exploration of things when no one is looking … the smells are so tempting!

Pet Parents, keep in mind:  Company, excitement, food, seasonal plants, and yes even the smell of alcohol… All of these things can pose challenges to your pet kidz.
Please be aware of the temptation of scavenging … sometimes the rewards outweigh your discouragement of these activities… there are dangers from bones, plastics, poisonous seasonal plants and other foreign objects.    Also try to be mindful of interactions with seldom seen family members with  your pet kidz… Remember family members and your pet kidz may need a coach to help communication, before misunderstandings happen.  Try to gauge your pet kidz excitement level and keep their safety and comfort in mind as you celebrate.  Provide a quiet, calm, safe place to your pet kidz so they may retire if they get overwhelmed

There is definitely hustle and bustle during the holiday season.  There are increased visits from family and friends whom your pet kidz may have had limited interactions with.

Remember, these can overwhelm your pet kidz.

Enjoy your holidays, and keep your pet kidz in mind as you plan your gatherings ~ some things to remember:

  • Placement of electrical cords
  • Seasonal plants may be toxic:  *See the following list and info
  • Dangly things are tempting
  • The smell of alcohol is not pleasant for your pet kidz…
  • Exaggerated voices, gestures , and interactions may be misread by your pet kidz.
  • Anxieties are increased during this

Here is a small list of plants that can potentially be harmful to your pet kidz:

May induce vomiting, nervous excitement

  •  Amaryllis
  •  Autumn crocus                      All parts      

Nausea, vomiting and depression, difficult breathing *may be fatal

  •  Christmas rose                       All parts     

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea *May be fatal

  •  Narcissus                                 Bulb

Vomiting and nervous excitement

  •  Star of Bethlehem                  Bulb

Irritations of mouth tongue and throat.  Difficult breathing, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

  •  Caladium                                 Leaves/roots

Acute stomach and intestinal irritation with diarrhea and slow pulse *may be fatal

  •  Mistletoe                                  Berries

Severe irritations to mouth throat and stomach

  •  Poinsettia                                Leaves



No more hiding behind the words – “Meet the Bloggers” blog hop

December 10, 2013

Such an interesting idea … should I? Shouldn’t I?

No Dog About It Blog

Me and DaisyWhen I first started in blogging in October of 2008, it was to document Daisy’s progress as a former puppy mill breeding dog. That was it. I knew practically nothing about blogging, so documenting Daisy’s progress seemed like an easy task when it came to blogging. No muss. No fuss.

But as I started moving forward with my pet sitting business, I realized I needed someplace to share pet-related information and pet products with my clients. Daisy the Wonder Dog just wasn’t the place to share that information. I needed some other vehicle to do that. And just like that, No Dog About It was created.

I never could have guessed that it would turn into my main blog or that I would still be blogging 5 years later. It may have started out as a place to share information with my clients, but it has become so much more…

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Go Check this Blogger out!

December 10, 2013

Hello my Fellow Doggers!

I follow this blog ~ I like one of the recent posts.  I like their writing voice as well!  Check out The Dog Snob

Shit The Dog Snobs Love: Lean, Mean, and Clean.

Let me know what ya think!

Enjoy your day!

Homemade treats

December 8, 2013

Hey Doggers,

I have found some great cookie recipes for Christmas baking, which i LOVE to bake for my family…

This got me thinking:  I always bake for the family this time of year ~ SO why not bake for my pet kidz??

So I got to searching for dog treat recipes:

I will definitely be baking a few of these as well … sure hope i don’t mix up the finished products!  🙂

Cheers my Fellow Doggers!

Check it out

December 7, 2013

Hey fellow doggers!

Sharing a pretty nice video ~ I believe pretty well put together of red flag dog interaction at a dog park visit.

I hope you find this helpful!

Cyber Monday

December 1, 2013

Hey doggers,

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday!!

As you are doing some online shopping this one simple action can help our local Rescue Orgs. :

AND AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU!!  Just think a gift that gives TWICE!!

Online Christmas Shopping

November 30, 2013

Who doesn’t love shopping online?

There are so many positives to shopping online.  You can shop in your jammies with your pet kidz by your side, or on your lap, or on you keyboard… you can find most of what you need without being shoved or pushed nor any of that stuff!

So while you do your online shopping, try out the Igive website ~ they have a nifty list of all the stores that will give a portion of your purchase to your chosen non profit organization ~ This is a way of giving twice during the season of giving!!  It’s a real WIN ~ WIN

And of course remember to choose Measle’s Animal Haven as your nonprofit:

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