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January is National Walk Your Dog Month

January 5, 2015

Happy 2015 fellow doggers!!  This month is National Walk Your Dog Month! *NWYDMEcho

One reason this is a great month to declare NWYDM is those blasted resolutions.  We typically make resolutions to improve our lives during the beginning of the year.  Many of us purchase gym memberships, we promise ourselves that we will become fitter, leaner, and healthier ~ and we tell ourselves “the results will be SO worth the cost of the membership.”  Many of us will follow through for 20 days or so, then life will become too hectic, excuses to not work out ‘today’ will pile on, and before we know it we’re making New Years Resolutions all over again…

BUT ~ if we get out there and walk with our dogs ~ for even just one month:

  • we have improved not only our lives, but our dogs lives as well.
  • we will have a better behaved dog because he/she isn’t bored ~ we all know boredom causes many a behavioral problem.
  • we both will be exercised, which creates a better outlook, plus a tired dog is a well behaved dog 😉
  • we will have created a much stronger bond with our dogs, improved our relationships with our dogs, and will have actually enjoyed the process.
  • we have improved not only our health but the health of our dog as well…Pet obesity is a very real health concern for many of our dogs.

If we can do this activity for 31 days, noting all of the above improvements, chances are higher that this activity will continue as a daily activity that both ends of the leash will look forward to.

So ~ Grab a leash and get out there!

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