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Meet the Pet Bloggers…

December 18, 2013

Hey fellow doggers,

Okay, so it’s just me … here goes…. today’s meet the bloggers post.  I am a little bit late but i suppose better late than …

Rules:  Your post must include a current photo of you (with or without a furry friend).



AND:  Answer at least five (or more, if you’d like!) of the questions below

What’s one thing you have to do every day? 

So about me, the ONE thing I HAVE to do EVERYDAY is wake up before every dogger in the house to have  ME and COFFEE TIME!!  it is a must do!  It isn’t just a habit ~ this is the one thing that without it I will be thrown off all day!!  (not good for the hubby, the kids, the grandkids, and not good for our pet kidz)

What makes you feel fabulous?

I would say one thing that makes me feel fabulous would be when I am working with one of my dogger kidz and they GET it!  That moment that you can see it CLICK! in their mind!

Another thing that really tops it all is when their pet parent also “GETS IT” ~ almost can see that light being turned on for the first time!  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

What do you wish you were more skilled at?

HM ~ so many things i wish i were more skilled at… getting concepts across simply and effectively… being able to articulate much better… bridging that gap of communication better between the pet kidz and their pet families…

On a more personal side I sure wish i could be much more skilled at playing that guitar…

What do you like to do in your free time?

I have so many hobbies ~ jack of all trades master at none?  Anyway, if I had more free time … I would work more at learning the guitar, I would also love to learn Aikido, and also American Sign Language…

How is your pet most like you?

Ok so we have too many dogs by some folks standards… Each one has a history ~ funny how dog trainers tend to get those dogs with problems to sort out…

but the one who got me on my journey to pet sitting is Falcon.  She was one of those dogs that just had ‘it’, what ever that is.  She was a senior dog when I finally figured out that I was meant for pet sitting… She was very smart, caring, patient, and even nurturing to the kids.   I would say i am like her in that way … miss her woo woo woo dance ;(

The one who got me really started into the training is Colton.  We inherited him… i know, with his wiring, he was not built for a first time pet parent home, and I truly feel we saved his life due to this fact.  He is a stubborn fella with a mind of his own … an Am Staff type or Pibble … Hyper and always wanting to be in charge and yes he certainly could be a bully … so in order to build communication with him, I went back to school.  I have worked with many Pibbles since then and I have to say that he has been the most stubborn, but also the brightest one… Love that boy!  I can be stubborn too ~ and so I can say that i can be like him in many ways… and in retrospect i can say that HE saved my life too.

Then Echo, our Deaf Pibble… I can be deaf too 🙂  WOW such a journey this one… she was just a young pup when she and her litter mates were pulled from mom and put into the shelter while the courts sorted things out … had such a hard start… she didn’t like to be touched much at all … She has taught me so much about body language and getting my idea across without words… She is such a great gal…

SO that’s my meet the blogger post … stop by and check out some of the other pet bloggers participating…

Go out and make it a great day my doggers!

Meet the Pet Bloggers Hop

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