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Yikes! back to school…

August 19, 2012

Fellow doggers,

WOW!  Summer has just flew by so quickly.  Our local schools begin their school year NEXT WEEK!  I used to love this time of year … The freshness of beginning the new year, full of promise.

As I think of returning school schedules and all the changes in daily routines of so many homes.  I wonder how things must feel from your pets perspective.  Our pets have gotten used to so many more activities during the day as the kids have been home from school.  Now, suddenly there are minimal activities throughout their day to day living.  Add in all those changes in the morning routines ~ all the hustle and bustle that goes on getting the kids off to school on time.  Suddenly their home and their neighborhood has changed over night.  The rhythm of their lives have been altered in such a short period of time.  It must feel a bit foreign.

As the kids head back to school, as we are altering our own schedule, let us also structure our days to include our pet kidz into our schedule.  Our pet kidz will be experiencing these changes as well.  Plan their daily activities so they do not become bored.  Remember, boredom can cause our pets to create their own activities ~ sometimes these activities are not quite what we would like to have happen.

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