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equipment check

June 26, 2012

Hello my fellow doggers!

As many of you know we took a vacation last week.  While driving past a rest stop, there was a most unfortunate site.   My heart was heavy as we drove past a K9 whose life had been cut short due to lack of control in and around highway traffic.  I know an accident is an accident – but it saddens me to see these things … this is a permanent consequence.  It isn’t the first time I have seen things like this happen.

It is OUR responsibility as pet parents/owners/handlers/care providers  to take the safety of our pets very seriously.  We must make certain that our pets are secure in our vehicles as we travel with them.  We also need to protect our pets well being as we travel and protect their eye’s, ears, and noses when they must ride with the wind in their hair.  We also must ensure they have ID’s in case they are lost while we are traveling – we should have their ID’s on them as day to day care.  (Microchips are great – but not everyone has access to the equipment that can read them)

Not only should we be ensuring our pet kidz are secure in our vehicles, but we should also be checking the function of our equipment – double check the buckles, snaps, stitching and overall construction of our equipment to see that all are functioning as they should – it only takes a minute to double check the construction of equipment that we are entrusting our pet kidz lives to.  Remembering the sad consequences from one momentary malfunction just might motivate us to take that extra moment to do a safety check…

Now get out there and enjoy your day with your pet kidz!

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