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May 21, 2012

Hello my fellow Doggers!

It has been a while since I have written to you. Something happened yesterday while Echo, Gracie and myself were out romping in the yard. Echo all of a sudden pulled up lame. She was limping around the yard ~ still wanting to play ~ yet when she placed weight on her paw anyone could tell there was pain. It took a few minutes to slow her down to examine the area. See, Echo is deaf and when something so immediate and urgent has her focus, it can be difficult to get her attention.

I was able to find the culprit ~ which was a bee sting. The stinger was on the inside of her toe pad and it was very painful! I was able to treat her and she is okay now. The incident did inspire this post. It is time to think about these potential hazards in our yards and be prepared for these situations.

Some things we can do:

  • Take a pet first aid class which will teach you the symptoms to look for in this instance: pain, redness and localized swelling at the bite or sting site ~ pawing, licking, or scratching at the injury site
  • ave a well stocked pet first aid kit on hand including the veterinarian contact information
  • Treat the symptoms as they are presented and keep the pet as calm and comfortable as you can
  • Immobilize and confine the pet for observation and reduce their level of activity for observation

Having all these things readily available enabled me to provide care to Echo in a calm efficient manner ~ with Echo’s handicap remaining calm is very important to keep her steady.


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