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Help for the ‘Sensitive Stormys’

November 27, 2011

It is raining out there today.  Does your dog have sensitivity to the rain?  One of our guys do and some of my Pet Stops Personalized Pet Sitting Pet Kids do as well. These ‘sensitive stormy’s’ can be very uncomfortable during the rainy season. 

 There are several possible reasons for their discomfort.  Not only are things out there getting wet, things also appear shiny, Noises can seem a bit louder/crisper/clearer than at other times, there may be a static build up in the air, things smell different, also there is a different feeling during pressure changes in the air ~ any of these things may effect your dog’s reaction, or the cause may be something totally different only present during rain and storms. 

While working with a few of our pet sitting pet kidz and our own ‘sensitive stormy,’ I have found a few things that ‘may’ be helpful to them during this time of discomfort. 

  • Rescue Remedy ~ I have found this product to be pretty good for separation anxieties as well as other general anxieties.  I have found that it does seem to have a calming effect.
  • Essential Oils – I have also used Peppermint.  Dilute this in distilled water.  (Do NOT apply this neat/full strength) Apply a dab on the pads of the front paws.  You can also use the room diffuser method. I have found this to help have a calming effect. 
  • A dryer sheet ~ an *unscented (dog’s noses are very sensitive) rubbed on their fur will eliminate the static build up that may be present. 
  • ThunderShirt®. ~ I found this to be a great product!  I have also found this helpful for dogs with very high general anxieties.

These are some things I have tried to help alleviate the anxieties of our ‘sensitive stormy’ I hope you find any one of these helpful for your pooch.  I wish you well

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