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Nail Trims are essential

September 12, 2011

Keeping up on nail trims is very important.

This dog’s walking motion is effected by the longer toenails pressing onto the ground as she/he walks.  If she/he is also a bit overweight adding to the pressure problem for this dog paws.

You can see how she/he tends to lean back as she/he walks.  There is an unnatural bend of the toe area.

This effects the movement and quite possibly hip and spine issues may present due to the stress placed upon these areas due to changes in her/his gait.

Long nails over an extended period of time can create pressure sores in the joints such as you see below.

An example of the rear nails.

There are many reasons that cause the pet parent to put off nail trims.

Here is an example of the negative effects on your dogs health over time.   If you are unable to do the nail trims hire a professional to trim them for you.

If your dog has sensitivities of  it’s paws and nails, you can help them become more comfortable to the touch of the leg, then the foot, then the nails.  Working your dog through it’s sensitivities will also create a stronger partnership between you as the trust builds up.

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