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Echo’s progress:

January 2, 2011

Echo is adjusting very well.  Gracie is her assistance dog ~ she helps Echo adjust to all the things she is unable to hear.  Grace is Echo’s best bud and will play with Echo almost to no end.

Echo is able to understand SIT.  We are working on DOWN ~ It is a bit difficult because Echo has had difficulty trusting.  Because she does not hear, she seems to feel a bit more vulnerable.  She is understanding our small workouts and I do see progress.  It is important to me that she feels very comfortable and safe when taking the position of DOWN.  I believe she will have this by the end of this week, but if she does not I will alter my expectations and maybe adjust my approach.

It has been MORE important to me that Echo feels safe and does not feel cornered in anyway.  She had a very difficult time with trusting any handling ~ so my top priority has been to build a relationship, build a trust and make sure she feels SAFE in my hands and anyone’s hands she meets.  I see her progress in this ~ when we first met Echo she would shut down and her body would quake at the thought of any touch from anyone…

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