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Meet Echo

December 26, 2010

Echo is our December Foster.  She is a BEAUTIFUL white American Pit Bull Terrier.  She arrived at the approximate age of 10 – 12 weeks old.  She is from a litter of 6 puppies from a breeding case.  She is absolutely adorable.

But first, she has had some challenges too.  She had a bout of Kennel Cough and she had PARVO.  She was not in house very long before the symptoms became aparant.  This is VERY unfortunate because this is a very important time period of her social development.  Things would have been much easier for her development had we not been dealt this challenge…

At the point of our meeting she and her siblings were VERY under socialized to humans.  The puppies would avoid any and all contact if they could … when they could not avoid they would absolutely quake under the touch of your hand.  Add to this very limited exposure to humans and any outside world, Echo’s very unique challenge of being deaf.  It was apparant to me as she depended upon input from her siblings for clues to what was going on in her new environment…

She is a very bright gal to have made her adjustment to her world in such a manner in order to socialize to her world.  My hope is that I can be bright enough to guide her to a happy life…

:pictures to follow:

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