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4H’s Progress Report:

February 9, 2010

Our meeting was last night.  I was a bit under the weather but was able to make it to training.  It is important to me to be there.  It is a privilege to me to share in the 4H’s learning experience. 

So this is the 3rd week.  Coincidently it is my 3rd week in anything to do with Rally Obedience.  A definite learning curve here.  I KNOW obedience training though so there is a plus.

First week I basically reviewed the skills.  I feel they should have Heel/SIT/DOWN/STAY/COME & RELEASE word.  Finish left/Finish right can come later, but I feel the student should have a basic understanding of these in action.  The first week I also planned and prepared only for Novice ~ we had one advance student working on Advance Rally.

Second week~ I brushed up on Advance Rally only to find out we are only offering the Novice level.  So again I felt a bit … ill prepared.  However I feel the base of Rally is the skill set.  I am lucky to have wonderful support as I fumble around to adjust to meet the needs.

Third week ~ I feel I was better prepared to zero in on the student skill gaps and help them strengthen these core skills.  We worked on HEEL with emphasis on turns and the requirement of these skills in Rally.  We also worked a little bit on HEEL/Auto-SIT ~ SIT & STAY ~ Pretty good for 1/2 hour.  I gave them homework so they can continue to work until next class, and a couple of handouts as well. 

Still not the best class in the world ~ BUT better than the first few. 

The plan for next class is to work on FINISH LFT/FINISH RT.  More work on turns with a hula hoop as a guide.  We will also work in the cones after working the Hula hoop guided turns. 

Basically we worked on these signs.  As of right now, I feel the student should be able to carry these out and successfully execute the requirements.  We will be adding a bit of pizzazz once we get a few more core skills to the point they really should be.

left turn right turn 270 left
270 right about turn start
finish Halt sit 360 right
360 left halt sit 123 slow
fast normal  
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