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Gracie update

November 16, 2009

Saturday November 14th Gracie and I took the team portion of the test for Capital Canine Connections Animal Assisted Activities. The results showed we need to do more socialization work. Grace and I had an unexpected busy couple of weeks prior to the test. We just didn’t have any extra time to work through greetings with a wheeled chair as I had initially planned. I had hoped we could get through well enough, but some of her old Gretel tendencies began to show through, and she started to show symptoms of negative stress. The test was halted in order to allow her to recover.
Although I feel the unexpected noises and chaos portion of the test where were a quite a bit exaggerated from would typically happen in a healthcare setting ~ even an emergency room’s chaos doesn’t get quite as crazy as this portion of testing ~ I feel the evaluations of us as a team ability were pretty accurate.
The testing team were really wonderful. They offered tips on socialization excersizes which should help us become a better team. I am grateful they allowed time to work Gracie through the shock, and recover from the shock she was going through. They’re a great group of people and I look forward to seeing them in the spring ~ after Gracie and I do a bit more work and have more fun meeting people!

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