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Grace (aka Gracie)

November 4, 2009

So, in previous posts, I’m pretty sure I have introduced Colton our Brindle  Brown/Black American Pit Bull Terrier, and Sinatra our Tan/Black Chow/Akita Mix.  I have mentioned their quirks, goals and progresses and even failures ~ If I haven’t mentioned them I know I will at some point.

Gracie is our Black/Brown Brindle Boston Terrier.  She arrived at our home around June of 08.  I picked her up from a woman who had hit some hard times and was looking to re home the  then Gretel.  09_halloween 031

Gretel was very nervous when we met her.  She had shut completely down by the time we got home …

Her physical condition:  She was a bit on the thin side, had fleas and worms, just finished whelping a litter of 3 delivered by C-section, her coat was not shiny at all and seemed to be thin. 

Her abilities:  She expected to be carried EVERYWHERE!, did not have the knowledge of going up/down stairs, she was very fearful of anything new, head shy and a bit difficult to bond with people, did not seem to know basic commands either AND was not housebroken.  I know it seems like I am exaggerating … but truly I’m not. 

She has come such a long way since then.  I chose to rename her because Gretel sounded like a growl, and even sounded a bit grouchy rolling out of the mouth … I chose Gracie because the name just makes ya smile, plus I figured I could do something funny trick wise. 

Physically: She’s all cleaned up from parasites, has gained weight, she’s got a good thick, shiny bright coat on, she has been spayed … 

Her abilities:  She is housebroken, walks everywhere (after all, she has 4 legs to my 2!), knows all the basic commands now, heels like a pro!, loves the grandchildren, is able to meet new people without shutting down (just a bit of coaching and motivation) … She is an excellent K9 greeter and uses great manners in this regard, I can trust her when working with reactive dogs, She runs up and down stairs at will.  She is still a bit fearful round new things, but we work through it. 

Yesterday, we accomplished one portion of a HUGE goal I have had for us.  She passed her suitability test which is Emily Weiss’s SAFER test, and we are on our way to becoming a Capital Canine Companion visiting AAA team!  I have had this goal in mind for us since I first met Gracie and It is almost accomplished!!!  I am so very proud of how far Miss Gracie has come! 

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