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WishBones (r) Charity Drive:

September 20, 2009

wishbones.jpgI am very excited to get busy with WishBones(R) for pets!  Our local Petland store has also requested to have collections in his other branch up in Powell, Ohio.  I have worked up a brochure to announce the collection drive, and I’m waiting on print quotes for a simple brochure black and white. 

The Measle’s Animal Haven will be beneficiary of the event.  I am really hoping this will be successful for them.  Rescue pet organizations have a need for support.  With today’s economy especially…  Breed specific rescue organizations have a more urgent need simply because not everyone thinks of breed specific rescue groups when donating supplies or their hard earned funds.  

Our boy Colton

Our boy Colton

Pit Bull and Bully type breeds have it really difficult due to prejudices placed on them ~ and yes I will say it even hysteria ~ by reports in various press and hearsay or word of mouth reports.  I will also say there are many folks who own these type breeds that do not understand their needs nor do they provide for their needs.  There are those who own bully breeds for all the wrong reasons.  Yet, there are ‘pet parents’ of this breed who are responsible and do go above and beyond what is required to fill their specific needs and do keep their bullies trained, active and engaged simply because they realize the fact that by choosing a Bully Breed they are the ambassadors for their chosen breed. 


Measle’s Animal Haven does some great works in Central Ohio.  They have much information on their website to educate people about the bully breeds and the laws pertaining to them in our state.  This is why I have chosen Measle’s Animal Haven as beneficiary of this year’s drive.

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