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“Just Paws!” Newsletter’s progress ~ by Pet Stops Personalized Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services

September 5, 2009

Soon, I will be working on “Just Paws!” Newsletter for the last quarter of this year.  Typically I write articles on Cold weather and pets, Things you can do to keep your pet safe during hectic time of Halloween Beggars Night, or a list of Seasonal Poisonous plants ~ things of that nature … These are important reminders and do need mentioned on occasion, yet I want to keep the newsletter fresh.

This quarter has so many wonderful times of celebration.  October, conjures up beggars at the door.  November arrives with celebrations of harvests and Thanksgiving, December brings families celebrating each other and family traditions …

Some things I will repeat from prior “Just Paws!” Newsletters:

  • Make certain your pet has some way to be identified should he/she escape the ghouls and goblins, or Uncle Herbart’s overwhelming visits, which ever are more scary to your pet kidz…  (Pet ID tags, Microchip, etc.)
  • Provide your pet with a comfortable safe place should he/she become overwhelmed and just needs quiet times away from little Angelina’s unwelcomed advances, or anything else that can overwhelm your pets.
  • The garbage can become very tempting to your pet kidz during the holiday season.  Your pet kidz may attempt to find out just what those smells are and could find big problems should he/she succeed in rummaging.  Problems in the form of bone splinters, or plastics and the like. 
  • Decorations are quite tempting as well … all those dangly bobbles and shiny strings are very curious to your pet kidz. 
  • Have your vets number handy or an alternative contact should a pet emergency occur in your household.  The ASPCA has a poison control number: The toll-free number is: 888-426-4435 (a consultation fee may apply). 
  • Remember some holiday plants are harmful to your pet kidz should they decide to chomp at those tempting leaves.  There are several websites offering a short list of plants that MAY cause poisonous reactions in your pet kidz, and a list of the symptoms to look for should they ingest plant matter.  Again the ASPCA or Humane Society has great resources and articles that can help you identify common hazardous houseplants.

So, this is a start of what I may include in the “Just Paws! Newsletter to close out the year.

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  1. October 1, 2009 9:50 am

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    A definite great read..Jim Bean


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