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learning what to learn

May 24, 2009

When I started doing training I took on some non-paying for the experience. Some of those turned out very well ~ among there is one English Bull Dog who was on the edge of being re homed ~ He is still in his original home and is a much better listener and canine citizen. There was a toy poodle who seemed to get on his families nerves. He was heading the same way as the English Bulldog ~ Now he is still in his original home and they are happy with him.

But there is the case of the two Jack Russell’s one mixed with Chihuahua. Came to me with complaints of barking and aggressive tendencies, food issues, hyperactive tendencies. The other one I am not sure what it’s mix is (maybe fox terrier?) I worked with the dogs and they really responded very well. I gave the owners instruction on how to walk them on loose lead, making sure they listen when off lead, Not having them sleep in the bed, (if they do making sure that the dog sees it as “they decided” it for him because he had been making ALL decisions in the house, NILF and not rewarding the aggressive behavior, excersize needs, food needs … all of the basic needs active dogs have. So I run into them a year later … a few things have changed for the better ~ not table food or special prepared dinners ~ some of the complaints were the same! It’s very frustrating because I worked very hard to get this family working together.

All of this to get to the point that I somehow need to learn to organize my thinking before talking, how to present messages to people who may be at different levels of thinking/learning, how to get courage for public speaking (even small groups are difficult), how to do this in a way that does not change the content, AND how to do this so that it gets heard, understood and the information put to good use!

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