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2009 Blog topics…

January 3, 2009

While working in this format, my struggle seems to be one of
keeping focus … AND … what will be interesting enough to keep
the reader’s focus.  After all, my goal for this blog is to perhaps
entertain, inform and maybe even add value to my pet kidz
family’s lives. 
Subjects might include:

  • Introducing our pet kidz so the reader *if there are any readers*
    might actually understand their individualalities.
  • Our own pet kidz adventures, struggles, successes and what
    we have learned from those.
  • Information gained from seminars I have attended.
  • Information about local pet activities
    *such as 2009’s PetExpo*  when where stuff
  • Review of different pet activities my family
    and I have attended.

I never realized the difficulties of focus on ONE
topic and to write about that topic in such a way that will keep
a person’s interest, and perhaps actually be informative…

So join me in my struggle to inform and maybe even entertain
within this blog…  READ ON DEAR READER!  READ ON

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